Wednesday, February 28

Just a little Patience

If you want to live here, you'd better bring more than just a little patience. If you don't, Costa Rica will teach you. I thought I had learned patience living with my elderly grandmother years ago but Costa Rica brings a new depth to the meaning of the word.

If you've already moved here and have adjusted to the pace and lifestyle, you know what I'm talking about. It's the little things adding up that can make you a little crazy if you don't exercise patience.

In the last four days,
*Cable Tica has lost their signal for channel 22 (CBS) and 23 (NBC) and I've missed Dr. Phil. O.K., I've missed Dr. Phil tons of times. I have no idea when he will be back or Grey's Anatomy. I'm use to it, Cable Tica does that often now. Sunday isn't Sunday in Costa Rica without 60 Minutes.

*My phone went dead, for no reason. I went next door and they had phone service. They called the number for info to get the number for ICE. That ICE number is all automated, IN SPANISH (surprise, surprise). Luckily, THEY understood Spanish. After it was reported, my service came back on after a couple of hours. Automated-ICE said it could be 48 hours. A guy from ICE even did a follow-up call, checking the number on Monday but he only spoke Spanish. It took forever for me to understand what the call was even about.

*The electric went out for absolutely no reason, at night, for probably over an hour. I am use to surges, little power outages but they're quick. When the electric just goes OFF around here, it may not come on again for hours. You just never know when you're waiting. By the way, it's HOT here. No electric, no fan, no nothing.

*They've been working on the water so it was cut off. I did have a water supply from the garden hose so I had to drag that all over the house to do laundry, dishes, shower, etc.

It's not a hard life, you just need patience.
... And some "PURA VIDA".

I almost forgot to mention the most important part! I had a wake-up call from a little tremor (earthquake) a few nights ago. 4:00 A.M. more or less. I awoke right before I felt it. Maybe there were two and the first one woke me. ??

Now THAT puts things into perspective.


Bob said...

Neat! I went through a strong "quake" the first day on the ground in San Jose back in 1989. Stuff falling off the dresser, and people sitting on the curbs drinking their morning coffee like nothing had happened. Never had such a feeling before, but loved it! (so different than in S. Ontario).....

TICA MACHA said...

I experience my first earthquake last year and was pretty excited about it (not afraid) but then I saw the damage in a neighboring town and realized that IT CAN BE VERY SERIOUS. Now, when I feel a tremor, I have fear. In Florida, we have warning when a hurricane is coming. There is NO warning for earthquakes. I've invented a way to "hear" when the ground tremors happen. Surprised they don't already have an earthquake alarm!