Wednesday, February 21

Take your PILLS?

After watching Animal Planet's MOST EXTREME, I am prompted to remind everyone to take your pills. Seems the tapeworm is NUMBER ONE at being the most prolific reproducers and over 30 million people in the world are infected. Most don't even know it. A tapeworm can have 1000 segments and every one of them can produce more tapeworms. Check out this link on tapeworms.

Here in "Paradise", we have a whole plethora of intestinal parasites to combat. You just can't avoid it if you eat out, drink coffee out, or just "live here". The salad you eat is washed with the local water, the coffee is made with local water, it's just unavoidable.
Remember, most restaurants don't use hot water!
One symptom is feeling sluggish or having digestive problems.
Simple solution...TAKE YOUR PILLS (twice a year).
Don't take my word for it, ask your pharmacist.

This link on parasitic diseases should scare you into taking
YOUR PILLS. You can thank me later.

Disclaimer: This may not include those with "AA" water in Costa Rica.
Down south, we still have poor water and no "AA" yet.

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