Tuesday, February 20

"Change or Be Changed"

These are words I have lived by for many years now. Change is difficult for most. We reach a comfort level and we don't want to risk the unknowns by making a change. Eventually, we are forced to change if we are not proactive and make the change before it becomes necessary. The trick is to stay alert and be aware when a change may be needed.

I've noticed many people living here in Costa Rica have made "the change" and believe that by changing locations, it will change their life. Of course, moving to a "third world country" does indeed CHANGE YOUR LIFE but it does not change the person you are.
In reality, it intensifies what you bring with you.
If you are happy already, you will probably be even more happy here.
It's just that way.


Blog Bloke said...

That's good advice. Change and me don't get along very well so I usually wait until it forces it's ugly face in mine.

BTW, are you happy in Costa Rica (new boyfriend aside ;-) ?

TICA MACHA said...

Yep, I have peace again. I really thank God for what I do have. I never dreamed I'd actually get to live in Costa Rica in my fantasy "Barbie doll" house near the ocean. I'm happy.