Tuesday, February 27

"Sell Off" on Wall Street

"Blah, blah, blah, recession, blah blah."
GREENSPAN, just act retired already.

If you are riding the stock market, you may have gotten a little woozy on the roller coaster dip today.
A "correction" is written all over the wall(street) but it took Greenspan breathing his oracular words for the market to react.
It was a nice ride for me, one I've been waiting for.
The pick'ens should get ripe soon. I want some Boeing back. And some oil, energy, defense.
We're in for a wild ride before it's time to shop on Wall Street.
Watch the volatility index (.VIX). It will give a signal when it's time to go up again.
Don't fret, just enjoy the ride. Pura Vida.

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