Wednesday, February 14

First Valentine

My Dad always made sure I had a good Valentine's Day by sending cards, gifts and MONEY. He was great about making me feel "Special".

I was probably in 9th grade when I had my first "real" Valentine. The doorbell rang at the front door (the door no one ever used) and I ran to go see if it were the Jehovah Witness people. There, standing at the door was long, tall Jimmy Long and he handed me a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Without a word, he spun on his boot heel, got on his horse, and rode away. I was speechless myself.  My first Valentine gift from a boy.

About a decade plus later, I was at my Mom's beauty shop when in walked long, tall Jimmy Long to get a haircut. He was the same except all grown-up. Jimmy gave me his business card and all it read was...
Jimmy Long - Cowboy (and his phone number).

I've always had a thing for cowboys.

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