Friday, February 23


So, did you see Yum Brands stock falling this morning (CNBC channel)? Seems there's a KFC/Taco Bell with rats running around in it in New York (caught on video). Now, is what they say true? When you see one rat, there are 100 more?
Doesn't their mascot resemble a rat?
I can believe (and I know) we have rats in our open air restaurants here in Costa Rica but I sure wouldn't expect the same in the good ole U.S.A.
Just the same, take your pills. (see next post)
I'm buying Yum Brands on the dip.
Regardless, U.S.A.'ans (I don't use the term "North Americans" being from the South) will always eat fast food and eat out.
KFC recently asked the Pope to bless their new fish sandwich. Maybe he'll include the rats, too.


Blog Bloke said...

I've seen rats twice their size.

TICA MACHA said...
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TICA MACHA said...

I've seen some pretty healthy rats here myself. They are amazing how adaptable they can be. I found a moma rat and her 10 pups (?) hidden in some stacked blocks in my laundry room. She had drug my dishcloth to make a comfy bed for them. I deposited them by the river (couldn't kill them) and quickly enclosed that area with screening.
(Open brick laundry room, common here)
No rat problems with all my dogs now. If it moves, they're on it.