Friday, February 16

Friday's Market

As long as I can remember, we have always had an open market on Friday. They begin setting up their tarps at daybreak and start breaking everything down at dark. I would wait until Friday to buy my most of my fruit and vegetables at the market. Also, they made fresh sugarcane juice (a real treat for me). I love to just go see what they have to sell because a lot of it is foreign to me and I haven't a clue how it is prepared. They also sold other items (furniture, flowers, etc.) which would change with the vendors each week. The Tico hot food stand was always there, right in front of the Amish pies and desserts stand.
I refer to this in past tense because the market is no more. For the past two weeks, the market has not existed on Calle Ancho (the road they use to use for landing airplanes and drag racing because it's long and wide). I'm sure it will return but when and where? Pura Vida, this is Costa Rica and I just wait to see.

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