Monday, March 12

Argument for bringing back the draft

If you missed 60 Minutes Sunday evening, as I did, here is what Andy Rooney had to say about who is fighting the "War on Jihad".
Click here for video: Andy Rooney's argument for drafting U.S. citizens.
The Army is lowering it's standards, huh? NO ONE wants to fight this war, lowered standards or not.

60 Minutes on Sunday appears to be about and should it be tolerated.

I know what Andy is talking about when he says that our Army represents how others see the United States.
I see it everyday here in Jaco, Costa Rica with the tourist. The impression the vacationers leave with the Ticos is NOT a very good one. The Costa Ricans (Ticos) do not realize that these same people on vacation do not act like that at home where people "know" them.

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