Sunday, March 11

Sunset Sunday

Taken at Herradura Beach in March 2003. Now, we have the Marina at Los Sueños but
the smaller "local" charter boats and taxis still anchor in Herradura Bay (for free).
In Spanish, herradura means "horseshoe". The shape of Herradura Bay with mountains on both sides.
Los Sueños Marina is now located on the upper right of photo.
Los sueños means "the dreams".
It's a different world out there.
This photo was taken on the same day right after the sunset.
The sky glowing was a total surprise.

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Matt, Laura, Haley and Baby has left a new comment on your post "Sunset Sunday":

I hit "next blog" this evening and happened upon your site - you do a great job and it was really great to read about my favorite country in the world - thanks for making my Wisconsin day a little more sunny :)

(This comment came in a blogger refuses to post it. Some glitch.)