Wednesday, March 21

Blog Vacation

My sister, Leah, gave this plaque to me before I left to go live in Costa Rica. That was almost five years ago and I still just love it. I started this blog for both my sisters so they could keep up with me and it was my way of sharing my life with them. Also, I wanted a way to keep in contact with a few friends back home. All of them rarely read my blog but for me, it has turned into a vehicle for networking and connecting with the outside world. I thank my readers for their input and support.

Many things seem to be piling up and I plan to take a little break from blogging to play catch-up. My car goes in the shop tomorrow, then it's back to try and pass inspection again, income taxes need to be done and just a slew of endless details that need attention. When it rains, it pours or rather all my procrastination has caught up with me. So, I wanted to post and leave a nice thought with you. When I'm not busy crossing out things on my MUST-DO list, I have "gone coastal" and letting my dogs play at the beach. That's one more freedom I love here even though I do have to take them to a deserted beach or keep them on a leash (they fight other dogs). Pura Vida. See ya again "Sunset Sunday" or "Church on Sunday", here.

My little otters, they love the surf and never stand still for a second at the beach.

All four "kids" playing together near Bejuco Beach (our perfect, secret paradise).


Bob said...

I REALLY like your bog! you are SOOOOO free with your thoughts and lifestyle! But, I guess we are all hooked into taxes, and other stuff... Can't wait 'till you get back!

Jen said...

Enjoy the vacation!!! Best to go coastal before Semana Santa when all the city dwellers decide to do it as well.


TICA MACHA said...

YOU KNOW! There is no such thing as a deserted beach during Semana Santa.