Saturday, March 3


I found the farmer's market. Photos of market, click HERE. All the same vendors are still there but now the market is located near the soccer field, out of the way, where there is some shade. It should have been there in the beginning before it had to be moved two times.

I have a phone now. The sub-contractor for ICE showed up real late Friday and had to change out my inside to outside wiring. He got so frazzled when I tipped him, he left his phone checker so he had to return on Saturday to pick it up. They must not get $20 tips often but I SO MUCH appreciated him getting my phone to work for the weekend. We have robbers on the weekend and I need to be able to call 911! By the way, I'm not a real big tipper, it's just he worked so hard to get my service back, he had to use a 24' ladder, climbing it in the dark, HOT as rip, probably tired and hungry, etc.

I never made it to the beach on Friday. I ended up taking my girlfriend around town to find Brett so I could make an introduction. I think they may make a good match.
I went to visit my friends, Sue and Brigette from Canada, staying at a house I use to manage. I ended up getting fried on my raft while hanging out in their pool. They leave on Monday, I'll miss them being here. They're going home TANNED after having been here for a month!!

I didn't see much of the lunar eclipse on Saturday due to cloud coverage but the last couple of hours it was visible and so cool. Pura Vida.

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Jen said...

I miss the Feria!!! Bill says last week our regular vendors were asking about me. If it's not too hot this Friday I may have Bill take me. I've never been one who likes being pushed around but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. :)