Friday, March 30

Hoping and Praying

As disturbing as it is, I posted the photo of Robyn on my blog yesterday to let others know SOMETHING needs to be done to STOP this form of terrorism here. The officials pretty much shrug their shoulders as if there is nothing that can be done about it. We don't have a local newspaper, per se, so most break-ins aren't even publicized. It's all word of mouth. Also, Gringos are usually the target of these crimes. NO ONE does anything! It is as if we live in a law-less society here because NOTHING is enforced. Do you know that they don't even prosecute thieves for items they stole under $484? It is considered a misdemeanor. It has gotten way past ridiculous. The attitude is "each to their own", pretty much - protect yourself or accept the consequences. Problem is, you can have a fence and they cut through it, you can have bars on your windows and they pry them apart, you can have guard dogs but they poison them. You practically have to live in a fortress and even then, they grab you as you are entering or leaving!

Robyn and Henry are lovely people and I am hoping this turns into something positive that will heighten the awareness of crime in this area to the extent that REINFORCEMENT is sent! Do we have to form our own "police force"? Look here to see what was written in this week's Tico Times about Costa Rica's escalation of crime.

Semana Santa is coming and most Gringos know THAT is the time to lock everything down and guard your property. That is no way to live and if things don't turn around soon, Costa Rica will be robbed of their own biggest CASH COW, tourism.

Postcript: Most people are not aware that the Police (Fuerza Publica) have no authority to investigate a crime. They only report it to the OIJ (Organization of Judicial Investigation) for them to do the investigation. They are totally separate like the FBI and the CIA USE TO BE in the U.S. Get the picture?
And by the way, we have FOUR different law enforcements here. The Fuerza Publica, they are like police for the people. The Transito, they monitor and ticket the traffic/vehicles. OIJ, they do investigations for ALL crimes (totally undermanned and underfunded). AND NOW IN JACO, we have the Tourist Police.
Post postscript: I forgot one: MINAE - The Ministry of Environment and Energy enforce the laws to protect the animals and the environment (also undermanned and underfunded).
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Blog Bloke said...

It looks like it's open season on the gringos. Maybe it's time to reconsider living in paradise lost? Or marry a local for protection? I don't know what else to suggest.

It's the price we pay for living in a third world country I suppose. When I lived in Malaysia it was a similar eye opener. Fortunately for us I made friends with the superintendent of Police and he took good care of us.

Be safe.

TICA MACHA said...

"Open Season" is right! We're pretty much sitting ducks but I have taken precautions for my safety.
Remember, my first posts were about robberies, etc. It was a problem then and prompted me to blog. To get the word out.
Don't worry, I'm out of here if I have to go through MORE than I have already.