Thursday, March 29

The Challenge

See postscript on yesterday's post.

Apparently, I'm not the only one around here that saw Oprah feature the Complaint-Free World.Org. A few people yesterday "called" me on my complaints and I ended up switching my band a FEW times.
That's just day one.
Today I'm "taking stock" at my hermitage.

Add on: For those of you that have kept up with the doggy sibling rivalry I've had here lately (dog blood fights), I finally made the decision to neuter Max. He had his surgery yesterday and today he's my big baby boy, mostly laying in front of the fan and licking his scar. Pobrecito Maxito.


Bob said...

your next post deserves a complaint to the authorities each and every day until it is solved!

TICA MACHA said...

You'd have to live here to understand. This is a peace loving society and they just don't have the enforcement at present to keep the peace. Maybe with Robyn going public, it will put the pressure on. Armed break-ins are getting common and not much is being done about it. They even pump sleeping gas into the a/c vent to rob people at night. The victims wake-up to an empty house. THAT'S WHY my house resembles a stockade! And why I have so many dogs! THEY ALL sleep inside at night so they aren't poisoned. THIS IS the wild, wild west. I am careful and try to live without fear, I just watch my back and keep my guard up.