Friday, March 2


I may have mention, when things aren't going good, we get going to the beach.
First, I need to go to ICE office and see why I don't have a phone again.
Then, I need to find where they have moved the Friday's open market (fruit/veggies) and THEN, it's hit the beach before all the buses arrive from San Jose area and the beach gets packed with Ticos.
The fair market value for the Dow was 6.66 this morning. Not worth watching but I do love it having some action lately. I'm waiting for this see-saw movement to subside and next week I may have some good buying opportunities. Chances are, the rise will not come till mid-March and then a sell-off again in May.
Hey, I've learned to wait for the right moment.


Saratica said...

Hola, chica, Hal (oops, Xavier) is completely BEARish. One of those guys who believe The End Is Near. This rise is unsustainable... blah, blah, blah. You know the type. I tend to agree, looking at real estate. Just my two cents. I need you to stay a rich gringa so we can afford to go to lunch...

TICA MACHA said...

I'm with X. I had the nickname "Chicken Little" cause I went around telling everyone the sky was falling. Guess they were happy I finally moved to CR so they didn't have to hear the Gloom & Doom I've been expecting. I still like trading on swings and I'm not a long term investor in the stock market. It's my hobby (aka, I don't necessary "have" to make money and I trade knowing I could lose it). Gratefully, I've been lucky so far with my willy-nilly trading. Educated gambling is what some would call it.
I haven't been to S.J. since Sept. but I surely am looking forward to coming soon so we can go out SHOPPING.
I know you are busy now with the theatre and wishing you the best for Sunday's matinee.

Saratica said...

Gracias! We are chicken littles, too. See you soon, I hope. Going to see Jen this week... been too gone for too long.

Jen said...

I worked in retirement planning before leaving the states. So glad to get away from those phone calls on bad market days!!!

TICA MACHA said...

It has to go up again pretty soon. Those market makers need to make their money. Come May, they will all go away and it will drop again only to rise before the new year. It's just that way.
UNLESS we have a disaster.
This is just the correction everyone was expecting. If you don't sell, you don't have a loss.
I enjoy the swings. Makes the market worth watching and I love the bargains.