Tuesday, March 13

Visual Trick

Here's the link for the scoop on a new spinning disk "toy".
The trick of it is "visual fatigue", it causes illusions.
I can surely relate this to living in Costa Rica. Things are not as they appear. You can concentrate so hard on solving a problem that you no longer see "the real" problem. Costa Rica has a way of wearing you down if you try and make things work here like they work back home.
It just isn't going to happen as you expected or when you expect it, period.

My motto: REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE. And don't waste too much effort trying to figure out "why",
there are no pat answers and most of what you see is just an illusion.
I trust nature and the constant beauty of all around me, even in the dry season.
By the way, parts of Costa Rica got rain yesterday (remember, I was begging for rain)
but not a drop in Jaco or Hermosa. Pura Vida.


Bob said...

I think that those people that want things "like home" are really just "passing through" and are probably missing the beauty around them at any given place or time anyway. They come, they complain, they go..... Few persons can get up in the morning and start out with a positive thought in any event....most are at best "neutral" , and ( too bad) a lot are not even that. Try to look at each new experience ( this will sound trite) with the same wonderous eyes that you had as a kid. Before the age of experience..... A camera is a handy tool to force you to see things... SEE things. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! But if it makes U feel better..nothing is as it seems but u still have your true friends. Chill. Wait Pura Vida. Hasta pronto. Beth

TICA MACHA said...

I don't say half of what I 'see' as not to offend anyone.
I'm one to see the glass half full too!
You just don't know until you've lived here. Costa Rica is totally different for those of us who are living here, have homes and trying to blend in with their customs, systems, pura vida, etc.
You'll see if you ever try living here. It's a beautiful place.,,,