Sunday, March 25

Church on Sunday

You may recognize this little Chapel, I've posted it before when all the lilies covered the pond. This trip to Villas Lapas (Pura Vida Gardens), the lilies were cleared out so I got another shot with the Chapel's reflection on the water. It is open air Chapel, very simple and very serene.
I had the occasion to go back out to visit it when I was showing two friends (Marvin and Karen) of my Ohio friends (Beth and Jack) around this area. After touring the peaceful setting of Pura Vida Gardens, we headed to Villas Calettas. It's a hotel that was built way, way up a mountain. People thought the guy that built it was crazy but who's crazy now? It is a really beautiful location but it is very pricey. We had appetizers and drinks and watched the sun set. They announced they wanted to have their last dinner there so I conceded. We sat in the grand dining room, looking over the menu and I had this overwhelming urge to leave. I explained to them that my dogs fight when I am not there at their "feeding time". I was also nervous about them buying my dinner. The cheapest thing on the menu started at $48. I've been living here awhile and for $48, I could buy groceries for a week. Not to mention, I can't eat knowing my dogs are hungry and fighting. I convinced them I could take them anywhere in Jaco or Herradura and guarantee them a fabulous dinner. They had only served water at the time they decided to leave so we asked for the check. It was $11. for a bottle of water. Yes, we took the bottle with us and laughed about it being "holy water" at those prices. Villas Calettas is truly beautiful but if you plan to eat there, bring lots of cash!
I was right about the dogs fighting. This is what my Macha's leg looked like when I got back home. It looked like she had been the appetizer! Mela's face didn't look any better.
What to do when you have dogs that fight??!!
I'm still trying to live in peace, love, and harmony.

Yep, I'm a Florida Gator and this was my license plate when I left Florida. No one understood what "Macha" meant. I did and that's all that mattered. I was "Costa Rica bound". I managed to keep my tag after a little battle with the DMV.


Blog Bloke said...

Would putting a muzzle on the biters before you leave help?

Jen said...

Beautiful pics! Maybe you should've used the 'holy water' to clean the dog wounds. :)

Maybe this guy can help with the fighting he's known as the dog whisperer. Yeah I know ...but hey it's worth a shot.

It's amazing how many Gators there are here! Our friend in Pavas proudly displays his Gator sticker on his car and sports his Gatro hat whenever we're out with him. GO GATORS!

TICA MACHA said...

BUT... they wouldn't be much of a threat for robbers. :) I've been taking them to the beach (one by one) to get out some of their aggression. AND Max (the brut) gets neutered this week. I will get peace with my dogs, one way or the other.

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks for the link Jen, I'll check it out.
I'm not a good Gator cause I don't follow the games. Nice to know there are other Gators here in CR. I miss out on a lot living at the beach!