Wednesday, March 28

No Complaints

O.K., I'm taking the challenge I saw on Oprah yesterday. It all started with Pastor Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, Missouri. He challenged his congregation to 21 complaint-free days. He has devised a method of heightening everyones awareness by designing these purple bands to be worn on their wrist. The band says "A Complaint Free World.Org" and that's his mission and gift to the world. Over 3 million bracelets have been sent out world-wide, by that church's volunteers at no charge (not even postage). Of course, they accept contributions. It cost Money! to create this awareness but to accept the challenge is absolutely free and the rewards are countless.

It was mandatory reading (by my mother) for me to read Norman Vincent Peale's book, The Power of Positive Thinking. I learned at an early age that the mind has power and the power of positive thinking can change the entire direction your life. This "movement" is along the same lines. By wearing the bracelet, it increases your awareness to remain positive and NOT COMPLAIN. If you do catch yourself complaining, you are suppose to put the bracelet on the other wrist and start your 21 days again.

Here is the link to his site and where you can order your own bracelet. I can't wait the 3 to 4 weeks so I've made my own purple bracelet as my reminder.
Go ahead, accept the challenge and stop whinning!

Postscript: Living in a foreign country (i.e. Costa Rica) has it's challenges. For one, the customs are very different and frustrating. I have fallen in the trap of complaining instead of concentrating on the "good". I have been here long enough to accept the way things are and deal with it but I have lost my wonder-lust romance with Costa Rica. I am hoping this positive effort will lead me back.


Jen said...

Way to go Teri!!!! I'm going to bring this up with the family this afternoon and see if we can make a commitment together. It's so much better when everyone in the house is working for a common goal.

How'd surgery go?

TICA MACHA said...

It actually HELPS when others are involved. I don't even realize I am "complaining"! If you read the links, it will help you determine the difference between a "statement" or a "complaint". Seems to depend on how much energy is exerted.
Max is doing absolutely fantastic! At the vet, he happily JUMPED in the back of my car after his surgery. He's a tough dog. I think living and having adapted to this "macho society", it bothered me more than it did him. He's still a great guard dog! They still all sleep in the house at night. I feel safe.