Thursday, September 11

9/11 Remembered

It really doesn't matter who you are, you remember where and what you were doing on this day, seven years ago. Here in Costa Rica, flags are everywhere for the celebration of their Independence Day on September 15th. I can imagine back home in the States, the U.S. flags are flying high and proud as we unite on this day in remembrance of the most tragic and horrifying day in our collective life.
God Bless America and our Freedom.


John said...

Tica Macha, Nice Blog, looks a lot like Mine!!! I'll be back in Jaco next week at the Poseidon and the Low Tide lounge in Esterillos. I'm very interested in what life is like as a retired hottie in Jaco.

Costa Rica Baby! said...

Great photo. I remember when...
It will be one of those moments we will never forget where we were and what we were doing when it happened.

Silvana said...

Deeply embeded in memories of all of us far far away. I was supervising some work in a new house and the only thing in the room we were working on - was the new tv..........suddenly the news came on and we thought it was some new movie.

Good Bless America.

Silvana from Slovenia

TICA MACHA said...

I heard the news in my car on my way to my job. As soon as I got there, I told the clients to turn on the t.v. We just stood there in disbelief. I had a window tint business at the time and remember tinting their windows in tears and shock.
It had such a profound effect on me, I decided to move to CR and here I am still.
I get a cold chill everytime I see a movie with the Twin Towers in the background. I still cannot believe it really, really happened, but it did and life as we knew it, will ever be the same.
It broke our heart as a country united. Teri