Saturday, September 27

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

There is an identical sign to this one on the main highway. Just what is "Tittled"?
I have dozens of photos of misspelled signs.

Actually, I did a spell check on "dinning" and it's correctly spelled!
What do I know anyway... I need to check the dictionary too, huh?


Anonymous said...

"Dinning" is, indeed, a word...but I don't think it's what the restaurant is trying to advertise!
As for "tittled"...hmmm.

wolfie_cr said...

tittled is like 'titled'........except that it carries a..............2500% mark up in price ROFL

katemeri said...

I loved that first sign - I have wanted to take a picture of it every time we passed it because my nieces thought it was so funny, but I've yet to do it. I never thought to look up dinning. I love typos - Chinese restaurant menus are often fun for that.

Arp said...

Sometimes those misspellings appear in the good ol' US too. My personal favorite is 'New Milleniun Pizza.' I can understand misspellings in CR, but it seems almost inexcusable in the US!

wolfie_cr said...

oh arp

It pisses me off beyond belief because they totally throw me off.

I mean, when English is your second might think that's the actual spelling of the word

and at least on the internet people totally misuse....stuff like there/their, loose/lose you get the idea

TICA MACHA said...

I take photos of misspelled signs because I think it's cute, how they think it's "spelt" using their native tongue. "Fourniture", for instance. got that....
I'll have to look for that photo!

wolfie_cr said...

True story

When I was in highschool, I was at the bus stop waiting for my ride home.

This guy, selling misc items (those of you from CR know what I am talking about) was walking down the sidewalk........singing out loud his favorite song

"du du du......another one papitosty"

well.....papi tosty........used to be a local brand of fried potatoes (Think stuff like Tostitos)

what song was that?

another one bites the dust.......

another one bites the bust= another one papi tosty???? LOL

TICA MACHA said...

Sounds like a phrase that could be used for Wachovia today.