Monday, September 29

China's Cadbury Chocolate

IN THE YAHOO NEWS TODAY - Melamine found in Cadbury's Chocolate made in China.
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Is it just me or is anyone else tired of China getting caught producing dangerously bad products? Baby's milk, dog food and now CHOCOLATE!?! The list is really, really long it you look back over this year (toothpaste, toys, etc.)
For info on Melamine, click here.
Just something to think about as I watch the stock market melt today.

Do you really trust China?
I can see it now... printed on U.S. currency, "In China We Trust". Yeah, right.


wolfie_cr said...

there is only one thing about this that can help us

did you read the news that they executed someone that was involved in producing these products tainted with dangerous chemicals?

if we started executing the corrupts/criminals......we would not have traffic jams at all ROFL

TICA MACHA said...

I do believe that would work.
Not much thievery in countries that cut their hands off...

Costa Rica Baby! said...

Yeah, that's crazy to hear about China's "consumer ethics".

angela said...

Yes, I am tired of all the nonsense too. I scrutinize products for their "Made in ____" information and conscientiously return to the shelves as much imported stuff as I can BECAUSE we ALL gain by buying locally. Sometimes, I consciously make another choice, but there's reason behind it.
Thank you for not only 'blogging' but also inviting the questions that we should pose to ourselves.

TICA MACHA said...

In a beach town like Jaco, our selection of products is slim to none anyhow!
You gunna do without a lot of stuff if you try to avoid products made in China. Good luck. I buy it anyway and hope for the best but don't expect it to last.
I don't want it to KILL me though (or MY DOGS). It's serious folks.

chocolate trading co said...

I think that food made in china (or any other country) especially chocolate always tastes just not up to our standards when you eat it. I went there recently on work and it was just foul, at least a big mac is consistent everywhere you go!

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks for your input Chocolate Trading Company. I checked out your site and it is mouth watering. Please franchise to Costa Rica!