Sunday, September 21

Return of the Cane Toad - Part II

These are toad-aly candid shots taken with my little HP Photosmart camera. You may wonder why I would post a part two to a frog blog but if you a steady reader of Yo-Yo, you will know I promised this 'frog blog' about a year ago when I was writing about all the ga-gillion ants here (see "Ain't Just Ants in Costa Rica").
She used to stay hidden and it was hard to photograph her but lately, she's VERY much a part of the picture. I've watched her not eat her dog food so it would attract ants. When she's had her fill of ants, she eats the dog food. Smart.
I've always considered this particular frog the dog's pet until recently. I've even started to pick her up with gloves on and pet her. I still question the poisonous part so I am careful. The dogs act like she's one of them and leave her alone. She usually makes herself present during evening feeding time by rattling the empty metal bowls on the tile floor so I hear there's no food left for her. I have taken to feeding her at the same time as the dogs and even made her a little water bed to sleep in.
By "desensitizing" the dogs to this "pet" frog, they don't go chasing after other frogs in the yard anymore. THOSE other frogs could be really dangerous.

These photos were taken last night. I was a bit alarmed to see they are multiplying. I guess the word is out in toadland that La Macha's is a great place to camp out. The new toads are identical to the "pet toad"
(I haven't named her). I wonder if these two are her offspring???
I think I will be going on a toad road trip to relocate a couple of toads to a new area.


Blog Bloke said...

The tale of the toad(s)! Who would have thunk it?

Heh, you should charge tourists to come visit Costa Rican wildlife in the comfort of your home. The can sip margaritas and howl with the monkeys at the same time.

Love to read your stories. You should get a job with National Geographic. You can do the photography, storyline and the commentary all by yourself.



TICA MACHA said...

Now THAT would be a dream come true!

Peggy said...

Oh my! They are so huge! And multiplying! I'm so surprised that the dogs aren't bothered by the toads.

Kathia Ruiz Reynolds said...


Anonymous said...


TICA MACHA said...

Yes, I wake up every morning like in 50 First Dates and remember,,,
I am living my dream. Teri