Thursday, September 4

Update on Rosco

Photo provided by Roscoe's new owners, Joey and Evan.

Last month I published a story about a lost dog named Rosco. I called him Rosco (without the "e") because I sung his name to the B-i-n-g-o song. Roscoe was without a home and was taken in and fed by my neighbor. He really didn't have a "home" and was constantly roaming the neighborhood and crossing the big highway in his search. His days were numbered. He wandered into my fenced yard and my dogs caught him. He was in pretty bad shape and needed a quiet place to recouperate and have his medicine given to him in a timely manner. Joey and Evan stepped up to be the foster home and they fell in love with Roscoe. The story is on the link above.

I just wanted my readers to know the story gets even better for this special dog. At his new home, he has found a girlfriend. She comes from the beach to visit him and they do dog stuff together. This is some rags to riches story for a dog. Roscoe not only sleeps inside the house but is allowed on the bed. Should they all (homeless dogs) be so lucky to find such a wonderful home as Roscoe!!

Thanking you again Mike ( for being a part of finding Roscoe a tender, loving home with your son, Evan, and Joey. Special thanks to Joey and Evan for giving Roscoe a new and wonderful life.


Mike said...

Rosco is a lucky dog! Thanks again, Teri.


Travis said...

What a great story. Kudos to all involved.

TICA MACHA said...

It's a pleasure to have a good story. There are many not so good that can break a heart.
Adopt a Dog said...

I (Angela) was walking on the beach with my dogs when the gentlest touch of a nose made me look down to see Rosco. Having stayed at my home a mere 72 hours, he had remembered me and I was deeply touched. Proudly he circled his owners to show me how loved he feels. These people are treasures and Rosco is justifiably attached to them.

I'm fortunate in that although Jaco is a very long beach, the 'dog community' is pretty close knit. Regular walkers bring their dogs down and its fabulous to watch the comradery as they tumble and race and splash and circle. Life at its fullest.

Thanks, Teri, for capturing this.