Sunday, September 28

Christmas Sale in September

Yes, you read that right.... it's only September and the Christmas displays are up at Maxi Bodega. We may be behind the times on somethings but Christmas here is a big deal and most merchants are chomping at the bit to get their Christmas stuff out on display. I love Christmas in Costa Rica and will probably be buying more stuff to add to my collection of decorations. The manager at Maxi told me that the prices will go up in December for the decorations.


Arp said...

I can't wait to experience Christmas there! I can see ourselves going hog-wild with decorating. I really want some of those straw (?) reindeer on our lawn. Or roof.

Jack said...

Christmas rocks in Costa Rica, I think i like the running of the bulls bes. this site has everything you want to know about Costa Rica

TICA MACHA said...

I LIKE this site ( No one (to my knowledge) reported the croc attack in Hermosa (not even me). How did you know about it?