Saturday, September 20

Return of the Cane Toad

Actually, she never left. She sleeps under the lawn mower or in a pot. We (me and the dogs) live in a delicate balance with the nature that chooses to live with us. The cane toad is considered poisonous and long ago, the dogs quit harassing her. They would get all foamy mouth when they were pups and now, they just let her be. She's been hanging around for about five years now (I think it's the same toad).

It is told that the poison creates a hallucinogenic effect that last about an hour. I don't know why more druggies just don't get high naturally by licking toads instead of robbing people to pay for their habit. Toads are plentiful. No, I've never licked him but did consider giving him a kiss before I knew he was a she. I'm referring to a past blog, The Frog Prince (and I'm JOKING for those that don't know me).

I KNOW it's a girl toad because my ritual is to feed the dogs on the patio and when she hears the metal bowls hit the tile, she comes hopping out. I always return with a small handful of dog food just for her near her spot. This one time, a black, ugly toad ambushed her just before she started to eat. He jumped on her back and no matter how hard I tried to separate him off her with the broom handle, he hung on. No food for her that night. She disappeared for awhile after that. I assume she went away and laid her eggs. She's back now and the big black ugly toad is gone (good riddance!).
The tale of the toad to be continued....maybe we'll do a toad road trip!


wolfie_cr said...

ok I am going to have to say what I am thinking

what makes YOU think that the frog is not enjoying her time with the black 'ugly' toad on top of her :)

TICA MACHA said...

I was hoping you would comment...
It didn't dawn on me at first, just WHAT was going on when I saw him come out of nowhere and mount her. My first reaction was to try and "save" her. (silly me)
Then it hit me and I left them to do their frog frolicking.