Sunday, September 21

Sunset Sunday

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted a sunset on Sunday so here, this one is for the Bloke and all y'all.
It was taken with a snapshot digital camera (HP Photosmart). No Photoshop used, it just turned out with these magnificent colors. Pura Costa Rica!


Blog Bloke said...


You know how to get to my soft spot don't you?

Thank you for the Kodak moment sweety.


photoARTworks said...


Little angel in paradise said...

Postcards please... I would LOVE to share your awesome photographs with lots of people. The are exquisite: framable art!

Mike said...

Hey Teri
One of the ultimate Jaco area sunset photos I've ever seen...stunning!


TICA MACHA said...

You know how it is Mike, just another day's end in paradise.

To Angel in Paradise:
I know Angela, postcards...
I'll have to make some 'specially for you!