Tuesday, September 30

Down 777

I 'swipted' this image off of La Gringa's Blogicito in Honduras. Luckily for me, Cable Tica loses the signal for CNBC (and CBS and ABC) at the end of the month so I am not able to watch the market bleed out.
Why can't they raise the FDIC limit, like right NOW!!?!!
Back to blogging about Costa Rica and no more market talk.
It will work itself out,,,
or it won't.
Pura Vida

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barry said...

What a day in Red Rock.. and I hear you on the FDIC ,, I think Round 2 proposal they are going to try to include a provision to raise it from 100k to 250k... the problem is right now they have only funded 50 billion in reserve to cover over 1 trillion in accounts ,, dahhhhhhh .Lets Have a better day tomorrow,,...Salute.... Margaritas on me.. hasta amiga