Sunday, September 28

Feeding Frog Legs

O.K., I couldn't resist posting this photo even though it is blurred. It has become a ritual when I feed the dogs on the patio, the pet toad ("Froggy") comes out of hiding for her meal. She is really cute to be so ugly (cute in her ways). If I don't feed her, she will just sit there in the middle of the patio and wait for hers while the dogs eat. She hasn't tried to muscle the dogs away from their food yet. I think she understands the pecking order around here. Trust me, when she does eat, the actual grabbing the food with her tongue is so fast, I can barely see it. This particular meal had hamburger mixed in with it and she couldn't resist using her hands to shovel in the food as fast as she could. Just had to share this frog moment.


wolfie_cr said...

Breaking news from Costa Rica

Biologists from all over the World have arrived to Jaco...where a brand new species of 'meat eating' frog has been discovered, currently the frog has reproduced wildly and has been seeing going after bigger prey, similar to wolves and their packs

Its totally unknown how this species was not detected before...., and also has been spotted in Naples, Florida.

An American living in the area commented "I have no idea whatsoever.....I am just taking pictures of the frogs going after than hog.....for my blog...pura vida"

wolfie_cr said...

going after than= going after that


Anonymous said... thought you were tico. Now me thinks you're gringo.
Either way, saludos!

TICA MACHA said...

Miss Froggy is getting a little porky around the mid section I've noticed.