Monday, September 15

Independence Day Parade in Jaco

It was a beautiful day for a parade and the Jaco townspeople turned out onto main street to participate and watch the traditional parade.
If you didn't get to see it, I have tons of photos here at this site:
You can view them as a slideshow at Flickr (upper right corner). Enjoy!


BreeWee said...

I LOVE how you always FILL your posts with photos, it is bringing back some great memories! Those milk cartons, the skinny dogs, tree fences, I MISS IT!

Enjoy enjoy enjoy and keep sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you must have watched the entire parade thru your lens.

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks Beth, I took tons of photos for those that didn't make it to the parade (like you and Breewee), among others that write and say they enjoy seeing photos from Jaco.

Mike said...

Hey Teri
Great job! Looking at your photos of the parade and paper lantern parade is like looking through the eyes of a child. You have the gift.

TICA MACHA said...

I cherish that 'wonderment' brought to my life living here in my paradise. Thanks for noticing the angle Mike.
La Machilla

Anonymous said...

The only way to make this world a better place for everyone, is to teach the children.

Teri, as always thank you.

P.S. I love the guy sweeping up it's like "THATS ALL FOLKS"

marina said...

my son was in the independence day parade in heredia. it was the cutest thing i've ever seen! I felt privileged to be a part of it!
Hi, I'm new to the blogosphere, and just saying hello to fellow costa rica bloggers.
hope to see you on my blog and develop a blogger friendship:)