Thursday, October 4


I made it. Five years of living in Costa Rica.
My first couple of years can best be described as "Dazed and Confused". What better photo to use than a pic of the Costa Rican currency for five colones (not worth a penny). They are phasing out two of the coins. At one time, they had a beautifully colored five colon paper bill. I have one stashed somewhere in a book. I collect currencies. It says a lot about a country and their values.

Adjusting to the money was probably one of the hardest things since the exchange rate changes daily. Now, the exchange is $1 = c520.20. I just round it to 500 colones equals a dollar, plus a little more. It's always changing.

The U.S. dollar is well accepted here since it holds it's value. U.S. coins are not.

There were many, many things that took adjusting and accepting (like no water, no electric, no phone, no Internet- I have all that stuff now,,, most days). I think I am a stronger person for having gotten through the rough times and sticking it out. I no longer take the simple things for granted. I also have a grand appreciation for clean, clear water.

Five years under my belt and I'm buckled-up to go another five years!
"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."
"God doesn't give you more than you can handle."
"This too shall pass."
"One day at a time."
"Pura Vida"

These were some of my mantras that helped me get through the hard times. Trust me, there will be some hard times adjusting to another culture and way of life but,


Nora said...

Felicitaciones! I wish for you many more years living your dream. You are an inspiration and proof that if you dream it, you can live it.
Tu amigita,

TICA MACHA said...

Thank you so much!
I wasn't sure I would make it pass two years but after two, the other years flew by. Now, what seemed so strange before, seems so normal now. Hang in there.
If Costa Rica teaches you anything, it will be patience.

Saratica said...

Congrats!!! Wow. Five years. That's a long time... pura vida, baby.

TICA MACHA said...

Time flies in "Another World".
The days go by slow and the years go fast.

Jen said...

Best Wishes on your anniversary from those of us still coping with brown water in Dominica! (only a little over 2 years for me and the patience hasn't kicked in yet...)

TICA MACHA said...

Yes Jen, I wanted to add the serenity prayer to my mantras but the only one I use is "God grant me the serenity..."
It's a slower pace FOR SURE but I've finally resolved "it takes as long as it takes". Timeless.
Me not "working" takes the edge WAY off of being on "a schedule".
Recently my car was in the shop for over a week and I really had to "CALM" myself and remember....
Pura Vida.

the frogster said...

Congrats indeed. I am quickly approaching one year in New Jersey, and it sure has been tough. Your transition was most certainly a lot more, um, transitional than mine, I'm sure. I admire you for sticking it out for five years.

The only things I know how to say in Spanish are "Merry Christmas" and "A super steak burrito with everything," so I'll stick with "Way to go."