Friday, October 26

Surfing Hermosa

Cropped shot of previous photo using the computer.

The intensity in which these guys surf is totally awesome. The real "Pura Vida".
I am in heaven on earth.
Thank you Beth for bringing to me my telephoto lens.
They all show off for the Hubble.
I took about a ga-jillon photos thanks to the 4GB Compact Flash card reader I got for my camera. (thanks again, Beth and to Tim who brought it) That card holds A LOT of photos. I took over 250 photos today and barely put a dent in it. It can record over a 1000 photos! (pixel size - 3456 x 2304)
I'm impressed. I just love digital.
It's a bit overwhelming how fast the photos are accumulating in just a few days!
Gatillo Alegre ("Trigger Happy" in Spanish)

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