Tuesday, October 2

My New Blog Friend

Everybody, meet "Norita". I just "cyber" met her today. She emailed me a kind note about how much she liked my blog (I like her already) and sent a link to her blog. I enjoyed it so much that I am sharing it with you. She's a "newbie". Here she is coming out of the local market (I've been to that same market, it's a sauna). If you live here, you can relate to the newness and awe of it all. She takes photos of everything, which I just love. It's nice to see Costa Rica again in the eyes of someone new.



Jen said...

I briefly checked out new friends blog. I really like her design. :) Looks familiar. I'll have to read more when I have time.

Saratica said...

Thanks for the introduction! I remember those days... how exciting. And "whew" inspiring!!!

TICA MACHA said...

Blogs - What a way to connect!
I just got off the phone with Susan that recently moved to Jaco. We haven't met in person yet but she says she heard about my blog through her husband that reads your blog, www.abroardincostarica.com, faithfully! I was so delighted to be able to say I've met you, twice.
Next, I want to meet Jen! She said she would be in this area this week but I haven't heard back from her for sure. I plan on getting together with Susan tomorrow. She's a stock trader!!!!
(and realtor)
I'm so stoked!