Tuesday, October 9

Still Raining

Non-stop drizzle.
Plus, we had a little tremor early this morning.
My dogs are nearly comatose from being in the house for days.
Me, too! Maybe I'll load them up in the car and we'll go get some
rain photos... or not.

Since posting the above, I have nixed the town trip and started working on my long time project of painting my bathroom glass. From there, I went back to sewing covers for all the dog beds. I'm working on another crocheted bikini, too. Lots of irons in the fire today. I'm a crafter and really, I should never get bored.
I can always finish the Hawaiian quilt I started when I lived in Hawaii TWENTY-SEVEN years ago.
Yep, I'm a professional procrastinator, too!


Marta said...

So much to do, so much longer to procrastinate. =D
Thanks for letting me drop in.

TICA MACHA said...

I'm honored you did Marta! I so much enjoy your blog:
I'm reading it like a good book, a chapter (month) at a time.
I think Nora may stop by my house on Friday when she passes by.
Mi casa es su casa, you come visit my blog anytime!