Sunday, October 7

Soft Shoulder

I'm from South Florida and we have signs that say "Soft Shoulder", meaning you may get stuck.
No such critter here. In fact, I drove over this same spot last Saturday night and it was fine! The next day they had a tree branch marking the road wash-out. It's too common here during the rainy season. No warnings. The road just collaspes during heavy rains at the rivers and next to the ocean. Also, BIG blouders fall from the mountains to the highways and mud slides to boot! It's just normal driving conditions here.

"REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE" - I remind myself that a lot.
During a heavy rain, things change!

Today is a grey day with the storms lurking. My dogs tell me it could be a big one!
Unplugging computer - even though I do have a power regulator on my meter outside and a battery back-up/surge protector on my computer AND my house is finally grounded with the metal rod - both floors, you still can't be too careful during a good ole Costa Rican, poor-down, thunder and lightning, "toad strangling" RAIN.
Here come the rains.....

"A Real toad-strangler" is the correct expression.

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Nora said...

You, my dear, are a veritable fountain of interesting info. Toad-strangling! Never heard of it. Thank you for adding to my knowledge of interesting phrases. As for the soft-shoulder. Terrifying roads you have here in Costa Rica. Where's CalTrans when you need them? I hope you and your circuits survived your storm well,