Saturday, October 13

The River Runs Through It

This is what the beach looked like the other day. It hasn't stopped raining long enough to go see what changes the new rains have created. Can you see the color change where the river comes out?

Down by the rocks looks totaly different. Most of the driftwood that was stuck down there has been replaced with sand. I was alarmed the first time the ocean swept the beach away but was told, "don't worry, it will be back". Somehow, the sand returns and it is now covering what used to be exposed rocks.

Where the river ends always changes. It totally amazes me how it can change so rapidly. The river goes where it wants. It now snakes along the shoreline.

This is paradise for me and my dogs. Even when it rains for days, and days,
I know the sun will shine again, one day (just not today).


Marta said...

When you say ". . .SNAKES along the shoreline" you mean that literally, right? =D (I read Nora's blog)

Nora said...

Super happy to see your blog. Does that mean that your computer problems are behind you?

TICA MACHA said...

Not usually snakes but you can see a croc in some areas. Snakes do flood down from the mountain and come out of their holes so watch your step in the woods.
Nope, computer problems are not over. I fear my desktop is dead and it has all my goodies. I feel grateful to have a laptop and that's what I've been using.
Monday is trade day (Stock market) so I'm hoping the electric holds out. We had an explosion this morning. A transformer blew and we were without electric for a few hours. Good news is the water is back on.
Living the Pura vida life.