Friday, October 26

Panga Boat and Birds

Just a pretty picture.


Anonymous said...

It's a grand obsession isn't it. Hey, we could be addicted to a lot worse things than photography! You may want to start burning CD's monthly like I have to keep the hard-drive from getting too overloaded.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a plane at first. Maybe I got thrown off by the birds.
I love how the camera catches the mist from the waves in your surf shots in such detail.
You're welcome for the hubble transport.
Your mule,

Tica Macha said...

I chose getting a new memory card over buying an external harddrive. Guess I'll be asking my "mulita bonita" to bring me that her next trip.
I back-up on cd's every month but now I'm going to have to start clearing some space on my old harddrive.
I am amazed how many shots I zip off in a few seconds and I love them ALL. The guys are fabulous surfers and real hot-doggers for the camera.