Wednesday, October 10

CAFTA - Better late than never?

I have mixed emotions about CAFTA. Mostly, all of them fairly uneducated.
Seems the country is divided on the issue and around Jaco, all you see are signs saying "NO". I'm sure they are referring to the vote. I've seen "No TLC" signs all over for over a year now. It really is a country divided on the issue but CAFTA passed - Yes 51.58%, No 48.42%.

I moved here because Costa Rica WASN'T like the United States. I didn't mind not being able to get some of my favorite things. I just learned to substitute and do without it. No problem. Now, I fear CAFTA will change Costa Rica into a country that is a mini-USA and escalating prices will follow. But what do I know.

I like things like they are (or rather "were"). Pura Vida.

Still raining......Chocolate Rain, that song is stuck in my head.
Good day to try out a new recipe for an all time favorite treat.


Jen said...

Gotta admit Chocolate Rain is now stuck in my head too! Loved the guys voice. Would like to hear something else, more upbeat from him. Maybe I'll search later???

I'm with you on CAFTA, TLC. I didn't move to change anything or anyone but myself. I like(d)the town I moved to for exactly what it was. Tired of hearing newbies saying we need more Americans here to make things better. NOTHING was wrong with it!!!!! I moved to get away from "their" better life.

TICA MACHA said...

Yeah, that was a dirty trick, posting Chocolate Rain. It has blocked all the other "rain songs" from my mind.
I fear TLC is a dirty trick, too!