Sunday, October 28

Church on Sunday

Not a Sunday goes by that I don't think about church and my mother. You see, my mom made a promise to God that if he would give her a child, she would give the child back to him. I am that child and sure enough, I was on that front row seat every Sunday morning and night and Wednesday night, too. When the Lottimoon missionaries would come, I was at church EVERY night for a week. Basically, if those church doors were open, we were in there. She kept her promise.
I'll never forget the time I was living in Hawaii and the minister of a Baptist Church calling me to invite me to his church because my mother had called him from Florida. Even when she was on vacation, she would be in some church come Sunday morning, anywhere. My mother was amazing. She played the piano (self taught), sang in the choir (at times), and taught Ladies Sunday School and Bible Study. I remember she never read to me fairy tales, only Bible stories from beautiful picture books. My sisters know. None of us knew what 'a fairy tale' even was until we were much, much older.
This 'Church on Sunday' I post is in remembrance of my mother, Katherine. Also, I have a blog reader (Jen) that enjoys them, too.
Thank you God for giving me to my mom.


Jen said...

Thanks Dear! I thought of you yesterday while we were at the park and snapped a couple of shots of the "templo". I've been taught my a local, WE are the church...the building is the templo. Who knew?

Jen said...

Ooops that was "by a local".

TICA MACHA said...

Churches reflect it's people. People that love their church, take care of it.
I can't wait for the restoration to begin on the church in San Ramon. I remember when the paint wasn't peeling and it looked loved.

Blog Bloke said...

Thank God for Churches and Moms.