Saturday, October 20

Hermosa Surf Posse

It took my friend, 'Pilingo' (given name, Gerobohan), to get me and the 'Hubble' down to the beach today for some surf shots. I've been "meaning" to do this for some time but was waiting for a good reason and good weather. His visit here from Dominical to surf Playa Hermosa inspired me. He used to live in Playa Hermosa for years but now he's down in Dominical.
It's a grey day out today but I was able to get some good shots my first try out. Pilingo is an awesome surfer and my snap shots barely serve him justice.

There go the Long Board Boys.

The Champion, Gerobohan originally from Venezuela but now, Costa Rica.


nora said...

You are way too modest; your photos are fabulous. Yes, he is a good surfer but the photographer is equally talented. You could be on staff at Surfer Mag.
Hope you enjoyed the day,

Anonymous said...

Great pics. You can't tell that the man and his wave are about a ga-jillion (and that IS the technical term:)) meters out there, barely visible to the naked eye...

Anonymous said...

Wow, great shots. Mo is dying to do some surfing. A friend of ours sends his 17 year old to Jacó by himself on weekends... I might send Mo with him. He'll check in with you so he has an adult there, ok? That would be so cool for him: alone in Jacó with a surfboard?

I'd like to do that actually!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Yes, as the others say, the photos are fantastic. Even more impressive is that you got out on a grey day...with "Hubble". Glad to hear it. You're an inspiration! The rains can try to keep us from doing what we enjoy but we don't have to let them.

Tica Macha said...

Thanks everyone. It was great watching the guys surf. The waves in Hermosa are incredible and only the experienced get to ride them. I plan to get out there for some more shots more often. Hopefully on a sun-filled blue water day.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. You are indeed pretty handy with a camera. The whole surfing thing- I don't know. Sharks and all. Yeah, I know the statistics, but I also know that my wife says I'm one in a million, so obviously I'm the one the sharks are waiting for. I'll watch from the beach.

marvelis said...

Thank´s Teri. I´m Marvelis, the sister of "Pilingo", from Venezuela. I was very emotionat to see my brother in your pictures. Thank again for this happinets.
I hope to see Pilingo in your great pictures once again.
Now yor freind Marvelis.

Tica Macha said...

So good to hear from you Marvelis. I think of Pelingo as my little brother. He's a great/fantastic surfer!!
and a sweet guy! Teri