Monday, October 15


I'm sure my dogs wonder what is so fascinating about looking at a computer screen for hours. Sometimes, Max will come up and nudge my hand off the keyboard to let me know, times up. I am fascinated how they can play with the tubes (left over from the fence) for hours. They will pick a tube that has a live critter (usually a baby iguana) and terrorized the tube for hours. Max will pick up the end of the tube with his teeth and drag it around the yard. Mela has developed a clever maneuver of jumping straight up in the air and landing in the opposite direction, hovering the tube. Since these photos, I have stacked all the tubes and wired them together. When the rain stops, I'll probably let them play with them again since it does amuse them for hours and I can be on my computer undisturbed!

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La Gringa said...

That is really funny. I love dogs. We buy ours expensive squeak toys and they either destroy them in the first 10 minutes or totally ignore them for the rest of their life. But they can play with and fight over a plastic coke bottle cap for days.

What a life! I wish I was a dog...(only if owned by a gringo, that is).