Tuesday, October 23

"Bright, bright sun-shiny day"

"I can see clearly now", what a perfect song to a perfect day at the beach today. Not a cloud in the sky.
"Blue skies, nothing but blue skies from now on", a Willie Nelson song.
I love Willie.
Here are some photos. Days like today remind me why I live here.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for the song. I was humming it all day yesterday! The song just fit the day, didn't it! I so enjoyed just walking around in town, didn't want to come home. Even got sunburned!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Finally, the rain breaks? Keep up the photos.....

Peggy said...

The pictures are fabulous! You really caught the action. I like the textures too - especially the last water shot. Very cool!
I'm looking forward to a 'photo safari' when I come to visit!