Thursday, October 11

The Rain Catcher

I have literally collected buckets and buckets of rain lately.
Anyone that lives here (my area), knows that when it rains, the main water filters clog with mud and the area is without water if they use the local water. It's a given. During the "dry season", well, there is no water then either. It's a definite problem but I have found ways to deal with it. The bright side is AyA is working on supplying water for us... soon.

I have a reserve water tank on my top of my house but I've used all it's water. It's on top of my house so I don't need a pump. It feeds water to the house by gravity. If you have a tank on ground level with a pump, the water tank is useless when there is no electricity. Plus, a tank underground can collaspe if it's not done right. Think tremors, earthquakes, mudslides... The earth moves here.

If we do have running water during the rain, it's muddy and not worth using. Check this out! The photo is of muddy water coming out of my faucet.

I catch rain in buckets to fill up my extra water bottles. At least I have water to flush toilets, mop, etc. I've even used rainwater to bathe but it's a real procedure that involves heating the water. It's cold.

It's part of "roughing it". I am lucky in some way because I have a big open balcony upstairs that collects the rain and a drain pipe that ends right above my front entrance. Poor design on the house but during the rainy months, it comes in handy for my rain catching.

Pura vida.


La Gringa said...

What size is your tank, TM? We are definitely going to do the plastic tank thing and up high, like you, because most of the time when the water is gone it is precisely because the electricity is gone, too.

We have a sloped teja roof, however, so we are going to have to do some sort of tower. There is no place where that won't be highly visible from the ground, from the street, and probably from our own windows. ;-/

I guess i need to do some research on this. Ugh.

We are on day 3 of no water. Ugh, again.

Love your blog, parallel sister.

TICA MACHA said...

No two ways about it, you have to have the tank up high and gravity fed. After not having water long enough, you want care what it looks like. I can do without electric. I CAN NOT DO WITHOUT WATER!!
I feel for ya!
There is always buying a generator for pump back-up. I went the cheap, reliable way.

TICA MACHA said...

P.S. I feel we do live parallel reading about your life in Honduras. I nice to know, it's not just here. (and it's not just me!)